Journal Practice

Even though I work in music (which definitely brings out my extroverted side), I’m a complete homebody and introvert outside of music. These are some ways I’ve been maintaining my mental and physical health while I learn to be so far from home. As a writer, I’ve always been open to trying different journal exercises. I recently started using the You Do You journal, which was created by Andrea Robinson. I first discovered her on Instagram and she’s been lighting up my day every since. What I love about this journal is that I don’t feel pressured to plan out the most productive day or set too high of expectations for myself. It simply allows me to take some time in the morning to be grateful, grounded and level headed for the day. If this is something you think you’d benefit from or might want to try, I have some great news. Andrea was nice enough to share a link to 7 free days of You Do You journal sheets for you to try! I didn’t buy a journal until I tried it for a week myself, but it ended up helping me more than I expected. Here’s a sneak peek…




Interested in trying it out? Drop your email below and I’ll send you the link 🙂


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Kelly Myers

25, music tech, Syracuse-->Nashville, serving creatives and adjusting to a new city

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