Music: Behind the Tiles

A majority of the opportunities I’ve had in music are because of the company I’ve been with since I moved here, Jammber. Our company develops tools and technology used by songwriters, producers, artists and creative teams to capture all the data that goes into making music. We’re constantly connecting with creatives and creative teams to put tools in their hands, and because of Jammber, I’m able to build relationships with industry professionals and be part of some great organizations, like TONS (The Other Nashville Society) AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers) and many more. There are also a lot of events that I discover and go on my own, most of which you’ll read about below.

This section of Twenty Nash was designed to go a little more in depth on each of the events and opportunities I post pictures about, because there’s more to the story than you can see from one picture and caption. You’ll learn more about the music industry in Nashville and some tips for taking advantage of these cool opportunities yourself when you visit/move here. Soon you’ll be able to click on each one of these tile pictures, taken directly from my Instagram feed, to read more about that night!

Pandora Live

CMA Awards

CMT Music Awards

Charity event at the analog

Route 91 Harvest Fest Tribute

Music Row Awards

Music Biz




Journal Practice

Even though I work in music (which definitely brings out my extroverted side), I’m a complete homebody and introvert outside of music. These are some ways I’ve been maintaining my mental and physical health while I learn to be so far from home. As a writer, I’ve always been open to trying different journal exercises. I recently started using the You Do You journal, which was created by Andrea Robinson. I first discovered her on Instagram and she’s been lighting up my day every since. What I love about this journal is that I don’t feel pressured to plan out the most productive day or set too high of expectations for myself. It simply allows me to take some time in the morning to be grateful, grounded and level headed for the day. If this is something you think you’d benefit from or might want to try, I have some great news. Andrea was nice enough to share a link to 7 free days of You Do You journal sheets for you to try! I didn’t buy a journal until I tried it for a week myself, but it ended up helping me more than I expected. Here’s a sneak peek…




Interested in trying it out? Drop your email below and I’ll send you the link 🙂