Braveheart OTW

Think moving to a new city is hard? Trying throwing immigration into the mix! My Braveheart of the week is  Liz Labelle :

“My move was a little more complicated than just packing and driving thousands of miles: I had a border in the way. Immigration between the US and Canada isn’t as straightforward as one would think.

Since moving here in September 2017, I’ve met people who would become my best friends and greatest collaborators. In the little amount of time I’ve been here, I can feel challenges becoming greater and can overhear whispers of my name spread amongst the songwriting community! In the past 7 months, I’ve done countless co-writing sessions, networked a ton, recorded new songs, 3 of which I had the opportunity to track at the famous BlackBird Studios.

Knowing my time here was being counted down considering I don’t have a work visa and needed to gather many things to apply for one and be gone from the US by June, stressful doesn’t begin the describe my situation. Upon playing a round at Belcourt, my luck would change. I was offered sponsorship for a visa and that would guarantee my return to the US on a more permanent basis. My work here has only begun and I am excited for all the opportunities waiting for me in the future.

Literal blood, sweat and tears went into moving here and I am so proud to have made it out here and gotten the visa sponsorship.” 

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