Once a week, I feature a new “Braveheart” who is a Nashville songwriter/artist who I’ve been following and want to spotlight. The point is to showcase their unique personalities and what sets them apart from everyone else in this city. It’s so easy to be part of the masses here in town, but by understanding their personalities, we can better appreciate and understand the music of these talented songwriters. Yes, I’ve featured a lot of women so far, but my next 5 Bravehearts will be men and you’ll see their feature below!

Braveheart of the Week:

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1) What sets your Nashville journey apart?

Spencer: I think everyone’s journey is different! I think my journey is unique in how I approach my fans and releasing music. I really try to engage and create next level relationships with my fans. Also, I want to add value to their lives by giving them music at volume that is honest, vulnerable, fun and healing. Another reason I think my journey is unique is because I am a part of the Digital revolution for artists. The reason I have a career is because of platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. This is becoming more and more common, but I feel like I was a part of the “early adopter” community.

2) What’s one thing you love to do outside of music that most people wouldn’t guess from following you on Instagram?

Spencer: I LOVE camping and being outside. It’s what I grew up doing and it makes me so happy to turn my phone off and play some card games, eat some s’mores and drive 4 wheelers.

3) What’s one thing you had to sacrifice in order to move to Nashville for your music? 

Spencer: Living in Colorado. This seems obvious, but growing up, I never would have guessed I was going to move outside of my home state. I have such wonderful friends and family there and I miss them dearly.

4) You have a fun and goofy side to you that helps bring out your unique personality. What’s the best way you’ve stayed true to yourself while being surrounded by so many other songwriters?

Spencer: I have really strong relationships that ground me and keep me humble and “myself.” I thank my lucky stars every day for these awesome people!

5) This might be the most serious question I’m going to ask. If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?

Spencer: Brown Butter Almond Brittle from Jeni’s. It is my favorite!

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