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Bigger is Not Always Better

bee_4753Being in Newhouse, we are constantly used to hearing success stories of people who are working for well-known companies; ABC, NBC, ESPN and Viacom are among a few. They did not all start there though, and you don’t have to either. I remember when I was looking for an internship during undergrad, I wanted to work for the best of the best. Continue reading Bigger is Not Always Better

Change Isn’t Free


I once learned from a personal development trainer named Brendon Burchard that if you want to make a significant change, there are going to be 3 costs: uncertainty, judgment from others and struggle. I can’t think of a point in my life other than right now where change has been so prominent. Being in my early 20’s, I’m still used to structure, schedules, and staying inside my comfort zone. I know nothing other than school, but pretty soon I’ll have to move to a big city, who knows where, all by myself. Continue reading Change Isn’t Free