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The Power of Music Tech and Getting Credit

By: Kelly Myers, Client Experience Specialist at Jammber It’s no surprise that technology influences the way industries evolve, but when it comes to music the impact it has on artists and collaborators deserves our attention. With technology, going from analog to digital has made creating and sharing files faster, and software like Logic and Pro [...]


Creator of My Own Job Description

As millennials, we don’t show our full work potential with a limited job description. We also don't show it by climbing the same corporate ladder as everyone else in a company. While there’s comfort in having the same day to day responsibilities, many of us crave opportunity and growth even more. We want to be [...]

The Friday Scaries

Friday night into the weekend is supposed to be relaxing, fun, and feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders from the week. Plans with friends are made, even if it's a night in enjoying each other's company. It's been this way for most of my life, but recently the weekends haven't been [...]

10 Common Questions I Get Since Moving to Nashville-And Their Answers [List]

It's no surprise that Nashville is a little more entertaining than Syracuse, NY (no offense fam), but since moving here I've been asked the same questions about over and over. Some relate to work but of them most have to do with the city, and if you're moving here too prepare to get asked similar [...]

Finally Home

Hey guys! It's crazy to think I've been in Nashville for a year already, but the difference between last June and this June is like night and day. Last summer was boring, lonely, jobless and scary. As time went on though, I began building my career in music, making friends, raising a puppy, and going [...]

The Stories Behind The Songs

If you’re in the music industry or even a Nashville local, you’re familiar with what a writer’s round is. Basically, it's when a group of singer/songwriters share a stage and take turns playing songs they’ve written. They usually share the stories behind the songs too. I went to a special round last week to benefit [...]

Dear Self, I’m Proud of You

I think too much time is spent on what we could be doing to improve ourselves and not enough is spent on recognizing what we have done. I know it's something I struggle with. I can't be the only one in their 20's who is hard on themselves, especially when starting a career and balancing [...]