About Me


I was lucky enough to discover at a young age that my passion is the behind the scenes aspects of the music industry, and I’m determined to build a career in helping singer/songwriters live out their dream while maintaining a healthy mind and self image. I studied music management in undergrad at the University of Hartford and then went on to grad school at Newhouse at Syracuse University, where I earned my M.A. in Television, Radio and Film. A month later I moved to Nashville, and even though it’s been a roller coaster ride I’m trusting the process. The transition hasn’t come without a heavy toll on my mental health, which I’m still working through and a big advocate of. You’ll see that heavily expressed throughout this site.

Today, I work with a great team of people in downtown Nashville, where we help creative teams in the music industry organize their projects and the metadata that goes with it. At 24 years old, I’m learning to balance working hard with not being too hard on myself. Wanna know more? Read my blog posts. That’s where the good stuff is 😉






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