The Friday Scaries

Friday night into the weekend is supposed to be relaxing, fun, and feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders from the week. Plans with friends are made, even if it’s a night in enjoying each other’s company. It’s been this way for most of my life, but recently the weekends haven’t been feeling as exciting as they used to. It’s a hard situation, and I’m writing about it for two reasons: 1) for some advice, and 2) for others who might be going through something similar.


When I lived back home in New York, my weekend plans always involved hanging out with my 5 best friends. We’d go out to one of our favorite bars or head somewhere new for the weekend. We were all about adventure and spontaneity. If one of us was in a bad mood, we’d have 4 others to go get food with to instantly feel better. We all lived 5 mins away from one another, so it was easy to do things last minute. That friendship was, and still is, one of the most meaningful parts of my life.

2 people in this photo are not best friends of ours. Hint: the men


The thing is, relationships like this take time to become that special. I grew up with these girls and that’s why we’re so close today. Even though our friendship is still there, moving to a new state by myself gave a whole new meaning to weekend plans.

I’ve been in Nashville for a year now, and things are 150% better than they were last summer. It took a year for things to settle in, but I have a routine now and I’ve met a lot of great people. I’m always excited to wake up and go to work during the week. I’m motivated in my industry and love the routine it brings. Then Friday comes. Throughout the day on Friday, I’m excited that it’s the end of a long week, but when I get home that excitement quickly fades. I get the Sunday scaries on Friday nights. Weird right? There’s something missing. My group is missing. My idea of fun is missing. I’m an independent person and love alone time, but after a couple hours I miss my best friends. I’m only 24, I should be going out and having fun on the weekends. I get down on myself when plans with one person fall through, because I don’t have my normal group of friends to fall back on. I’m losing touch with my social life on the weekends. There-I said it!

(Side note: as I’m writing this, my best friend from home, Nicole, texted me saying she wants to come visit for a concert. Yasss). Ok anyway…..

I have friends here for sure, but as you get older you begin to realize how much more important having a few close friends is than having a lot of random friends. And those friends are who you hang out with on a regular basis. If I could hop on a plane every Friday night to spend the weekend with my best friends I would, but I know it’s important to stay in Nashville to work on my relationships here.

When I moved here I quickly learned that feeling sorry for myself won’t fix anything, so there’s a few things that I’m planning to do to make more meaningful relationships here. Getting involved in new social activities that bring out my personality is the best thing I can think of. Finding rec sports to play, volunteering, making plans to grab dinner/drinks with Nashville friends, or going to more music related events are all things that could help make lose relationships more meaningful. Living in a new city is tough, but with time I think I’ll develop some great relationships here.

Luckily, my best friends kept me in the group chat so I still have some connection back home 😉 I’m curious. Have any of you moved away from your best friends, and if so, how did you make new relationships? Or, if you have some advice, send me a comment!




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