10 Common Questions I Get Since Moving to Nashville-And Their Answers [List]

It’s no surprise that Nashville is a little more entertaining than Syracuse, NY (no offense fam), but since moving here I’ve been asked the same questions about over and over. Some relate to work but of them most have to do with the city, and if you’re moving here too prepare to get asked similar things. Here are 10 common questions I get and their answers:

Photo by Courtney Eckdahl
  1. Why don’t you have an accent yet? This answer is simple. Nashville is a giant melting pot, and 90% of the people I know here are “transplants” like myself; they moved here from somewhere else and only start talking with a southern accent if they’re drunk or trying too hard to fit in.
  2. (From people who visit) Is Nashville this fun every weekend? Yes! Especially over the summer, Nashville is crazy on the weekends, on lower broadway anyway. A lot of people who live in Nashville hang out in areas like Midtown and the Gulch to avoid the tourists (lol), but broadway is always a fun time too. Jason Aldeans and FGL House are two places I hang out if I go down there on a normal weekend.
  3. Where should I go/what should I do when I visit? I get messages at least a couple times a month asking for suggestions. I made a list here of the best food places, bars and things to do during your first trip to Nashville. There are local things on there too if you want to get away from the craziness of Broadway.
  4. Do you always work from home/cute coffee shops? No. I work in our office mostly, but music tech allows me to work remote too since we use our laptops and phones so much. I don’t decide when that happens though. My boss has made our office very reflective of his leadership style; motivating, collaborative, and dynamic. So much so that I actually like working in the office more than a coffee shop or home.
  5. Do you write for work? Most of the writing you see me post about is done on my own time, although I have written a couple blog posts for Jammber. A lot of my writing is reflected on my experiences with work though, because that has been such a huge part of my move. My career in music is my anchor here. Without it I would already be back home.
  6. What is that giant building with the batman looking wings? That’s the AT&T building, and locals actually call it the batman building.
  7. Is it true that people are nicer down there? People are really kinda and helpful down here, but back in NY I didn’t realize surround myself with rude people anyway. It’s more about the lifestyle in my opinion. People in NY are always in a rush, and down here things move a lot slower. Most people who move here like me adapt to that pretty quickly.
  8. Are you planning on moving back to Syracuse? Not right now. If I moved back to Syracuse, I would be back with my family and friends, but I wouldn’t have much of a career. Maybe down the road…..?
  9. Have you done the pedal tavern yet? I laugh at how often I get this question. No, I haven’t. I think if I were visiting Nashville with a bunch of girlfriends I would have, but it’s just different when you live here.
  10. How’s Nashville (winner of the #1 most asked question)? Hot but awesome! There’s the suburbs, pretty farmland, and Target (cuz that’s a need) where my apartment is, and a busy/fun city with lots of trendy places to check out and where I work in music too. There’s so much happening here. It’s a great place to be if you’re in your 20’s.
Photo by Courtney Eckdahl


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