Finally Home

Hey guys! It’s crazy to think I’ve been in Nashville for a year already, but the difference between last June and this June is like night and day. Last summer was boring, lonely, jobless and scary. As time went on though, I began building my career in music, making friends, raising a puppy, and going out more.

The hardest part is that I still haven’t found my “group” yet. I have plenty of friends, but not a consistent group of people I hang with. There are so many things here I wish I could experience with my friends and family, but I know meeting special people takes time. Besides, being alone for now is helping me get to know myself better and set up my future.

Photo by Courtney Eckdahl

A lot of people are confused about what I do for work, or they think I do things that I actually don’t (lol). I hear a lot that I manage artists and work in publishing; neither of which are true. I work for a music tech company called Jammber, which is an online tool that helps creative teams organize their projects (albums, videos, etc). This helps artists to get paid fairly and for metadata to be tracked from the concept of a project up until distribution. We work a lot with record labels, artist managers, and people on the administrative side of music. We have a couple exciting apps coming out in the near future, and I’m excited to focus on working with songwriters.

We also attend a lot of events in town and at conferences. My favorite part about it is meeting other people in the industry. Yes, it’s fun dressing up and seeing live performances, but the behind the scenes aspects are the best. Next week is the Music Row Awards, and I’m super excited to celebrate the teams behind music.

Photo by Sonia Ulrich


A lot of people say to me, “Kelly, your life looks like so much fun in Nashville.” And the truth is, the minute it’s not fun here I’m moving back home. I gave up too much for this journey not to be fun and exciting. The cool part is that this is just the beginning. I’m getting busier and more challenged with work, going to more events, and visiting more local places that are making me feel comfortable here.

Photo by Courtney Eckdahl

It’s hard to think about the idea of being away from home indefinitely, but if I were to move back I’d be giving up on myself and wouldn’t be in the music industry anymore. Right now, building my career is worth sacrificing time with my best friends and family, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow.

The scary part is over. I’m settled, I have a routine, and I’m glad I’m finally able to call Nashville home. Let’s see what’s next….



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