Dear Self, I’m Proud of You

IMG_8813I think too much time is spent on what we could be doing to improve ourselves and not enough is spent on recognizing what we have done. I know it’s something I struggle with. I can’t be the only one in their 20’s who is hard on themselves, especially when starting a career and balancing young adulthood in general. I’m finding it helpful to write to myself once in a while, and I’m being vulnerable in sharing today’s letter. I also always read these out loud in front of the mirror, which feels uncomfortable at first but is very eye opening by the end. I hope it inspires you:

Dear Self,

You’ve done much more than you’ve given yourself credit for lately, and I think it’s time to recognize it. You’ve been adjusting well to this new city, and pretty soon it’ll be a year since you moved. It hasn’t been easy, I know, but this dream you’re after is much bigger than your fear of leaving home. You’ve been forcing yourself to go out and explore, even if it’s alone many times. You’ve been contributing to your team at work in ways you never thought you would be, but they’re proud of you and recognize you for it. You’re making more friends here and going out more, something you missed a lot last summer. You’ve been working out 6 days a week, and I know it’s hard sometimes but it also makes you feel good for the entire day.  Don’t forget the smaller things too. You were patient the other morning when a 20 minute commute to work turned into an hour from an accident on the highway. Just this morning you got up at 5am to clean up dog crap all over your bedroom carpet from KJ’s upset stomach. You do what you have to do, but you do it with grace and that’s what I love about you. You do a bunch of things right, and you’re too hard on yourself when you make mistakes. Try focusing on the lesson and moving on without regret when things like that happen. You’re doing the best you can, and I’m proud of you.



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