You Are What You Wear

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I used to wear clothes that reflected who I hung out with, but I’m so glad that’s no longer the case. Not because I didn’t like those people but because I wasn’t representing who I was as an individual. I remember when I moved on my own after college, I looked at some of my outfits and asked myself, “Who do I think I am?” Boot cut pants, busy prints and scarves were all unfamiliar things in my closet once I got to know myself better. I don’t like to buy clothes/shoes/accessories just because everyone else has them. Instead I make sure whatever I buy best represents my personality.

Most of my wardrobe includes solid colors; mainly black, olive green, rose pink, white and gray, which aligns perfectly with my personality. I’m very low key but have a really exciting side once you get to know me. My outfits are almost always accompanied by something more exciting that stands out. Sometimes it’s a long necklace, a cute pair of shoes or a stylish coat.

We don’t always think about it, but our outfits make us feel a certain way when wearing them and give others an idea of who we are when they first look at us. I took some time to think about what I wear the most and how it aligns with who I am. Not all of my looks are included. I left out my work clothes and going out outfits, but here are some that best show my personality:

Ok. We all know I’m quiet, comforting, and low key, but I also have a mysterious side that I don’t show to everyone. What’s the fun in knowing everything about a woman? There are things I’m waiting to share with only the right people. Hence one of my favorite looks: the open back look. I absolutely love how relaxing it looks but with a sexy, mysterious element: just like me!

Weekends are for both adventure and relaxing. Either way, my look is a lot different on the weekends than during the week and so is my mindset. It’s more relaxed and gentle Friday through Sunday. On the weekends I like to look relaxed but energetic, because that’s how I feel inside. I’ve tried sitting around doing nothing on the weekends but that usually puts me in a bad mood. Instead, I put on a light graphic hoodie, leggings and sneakers for a day of running around town.

What I’m wearing while working out makes a big difference in my performance. Nike and Under Armor are my two main “go-to” brands, because their quality makes me feel confident and motivated. My workouts are no doubt much better when I’m wearing good quality clothes that I feel strong in. If I look my best, I feel my best, and then my workouts will be my best too. Everything starts with mindset.

This post wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by my go-to “going out” clothes. My black leather pants and my designated “bar booties” are staples when going out with friends. They’re the only shoes I openly welcome beer stains on. Paired with different tops, this outfit makes me feel confident and ready to enjoy a night out with my girls. I know, in this pic I’m wearing them in an airport, but that’s a different story for a different day.

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One book that inspired me to think about my wardrobe based on my personality is Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure. She taught me tips like spending more on basics that can be worn with a bunch of different outfits, and to wear clothes that bring out your best self. It can be hard not to dress like the people you spend most of your time with, but it’s worth it to take a step back and think about if your appearance and personality align. Since reading Staying Stylish, I’ve boughten new clothes, gotten rid of many, and have been loving how the outfits I wear best represent ME.

I hope after reading this post you go through your closet, shop a little, and find outfits you can show your best self in!



2 thoughts on “You Are What You Wear

  1. We have the same taste for wondering around town and going out. I love this post and had me questioning my own go to. I dress more so on my mood…and the weather lol!


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