My First Home

Aside from the music industry, I also have a big love for interior decorating. It’s one thing I’ve been doing to help with the transition of moving on my own. I’ve been planning on how I wanted this space to look since the first time I set my eyes on it. I wouldn’t call myself a designer, but I love filling my space with things that inspire me. I knew I had to do it for cheap, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice style for cost. Here’s how I made my first home feel like a place I could relax, entertain and feel inspired in…..for cheap!


I brought my bed from home so that was one thing checked off the list, but a king sized bed that I will only take up 1/4 of is on my shopping list (gotta have room for my future PUPPY). Craigslist became a lifesaver when it came to finding furniture. I was able to get the couch, chair, coffee table, two end tables AND a TV for $500. All from the same lady who was moving to Florida and didn’t want to bring all that stuff with her. When I got down here I still needed a kitchen table, and again Craigslist to the rescue. It’s from a young woman who just moved into a brand new house and wanted a new table. This table is already very new and in great shape. It’s American Signature, and I got it for $200 when it would’ve cost me about $800 at retail value. It’s hard to believe, but there are still good people out there and a lot of them just want to get rid of their furniture fast and cheap.



Getting pictures of family and friends hung up quickly was important to me, because doing so helped fill this place with love when it was so empty. I already had most things planned in my head when it came to wall décor, and luckily I had my dad here for a couple days to help hang things. However, when he left there was still so much I wanted to do with the space, so it’s a good thing he taught me how to hang stuff. I took one of my favorite beach pictures from my mom’s house to put over the fireplace (sorry mom). One less thing I had to buy but something that makes a huge statement in the living room. Now for two pieces of advice. First, look online, at garage sales, and your parent’s house for decor before you buy new stuff. Second, every woman needs a long mirror in her bedroom. I got mine at Target and it’s both cute and useful. My dad made this wooden sign for me with the truest statement you’ll see in my home, and my mom made a frame for my family and friends to sign before I left. I’m incredibly grateful for my parents.

FullSizeRender-3.jpgFullSizeRender-4.jpgIMG_3896.JPG                 FullSizeRender-6.jpg

Useful Stuff

There are a number of things I bought that not only look good in my home but are efficient at the same time. Found at Target, one of them is the soap dispenser in my shower, which is super efficient for someone who already takes long showers as it is. Another one of my favorites is my shoe rack from Bed Bath and Beyond. Before this find my shoes were thrown in my closet and I was somehow always missing a shoe. My Lodge cast iron skillet can be used for almost anything, and I hope to host some great Sunday brunches with it’s help. Lastly is the Apple TV, because Netflix and streaming music are two staples in my home! I love ending the day with a movie and when I’m cooking dinner or having people over I always have music playing from the TV.FullSizeRender-1.jpg






IMG_3898.JPG    IMG_3901.JPG

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than an inviting space to bring family and friends into, and for me that’s my home in Nashville. Between the comforting atmosphere and the cold beer in the fridge, I can’t wait for some of you to visit my first home!




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